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What is this I&M App forum for?

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  • What is this I&M App forum for?

    Will bought the publishing rights to both the ice guidebook and the mixed guidebook, then set a team including Steven and Sarah to work rolling all that information into a brand new app for Rockies climbers. I'm sure Will would agree it is very much a work in progress and when we last discussed it a few days ago he thought the app and Gravsports should be used in conjunction. Towards that purpose, this forum has been established to give climbers somewhere to ask questions, offer suggestions, and help improve the app. Approaches change, details get missed out, and when the old guidebook got left and right mixed up it's funny to folks who know about such errors but yup, bloody annoying if you didn't know.

    Sometimes people choose to email Will directly, sometimes they realize there's an error but don't get around to communicating, and sometimes things get an update. It can take a while to process new info, then it can take a while for an updated version to be added to the Apple store or the Android store. By adding it here, it will eventually make its way into the app and in the meantime people can see the new info or updates right here.

    Things to watch for: If a route is missing a track log, or a picture, it needs them adding. If an approach has changed, the info needs an update. If a route is missing, or in a wrong section or subsection it needs moving. Maybe access info has changed. Routes could have been switched between left and right or east/west.

    Maybe something doesn't make sense and you just need a clarification - ask and possibly someone here will be able to answer.

    Do you have a suggestion that could improve the app? Lets hear it.

    At the end of the day the app takes a lot of work and a lot of input. The developer team have other jobs and updates don't happen by themselves. With help from the community the work can be eased. Think of it like this - if you spot something needing a change, doing a cut n paste from this forum is a lot more likely to make it into the app than a short text saying "Your approach beta for Such'n'such Falls is wrong".

    It might be easier to send tracklog data directly to Will/Sarah but with other corrections, having the info here also allows other app users to see what has or hasn't been submitted. Maybe you have a better picture or maybe a contribution that will allow both this forum and the app to grow organically and be of benefit to all. Add a post to an existing thread or start a new one if appropriate. It's a bit of an experiment so have at it.
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