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  • Choice of user name

    Basically use your real name.

    Some FAQ's in this blog post.

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    We have been getting new registrations that are not clearly identifying real names. Possibly folks are registering without checking out the guidelines in the above linked blog so in an attempt to keep expectations clear, below is the text from that blog post. If your identity is not clear it will be denied. If it's close it may be approved with a request that you choose an acceptable name reflecting the guidelines. If you don't submit an updated username the account may be subject to deletion. Replying to a PM or contacting an admin and requesting an admin edits your username will get it updated.

    In addition an admin can edit usernames for old accounts that were grandfathered should you wish to update to a real name variation.

    If you no longer have access to an old email for password resets, contact an admin and demonstrate you are that user, and we can update your new email, thereby allowing you to resume using your old account. Contacting an admin you know personally will be the easiest to convince them you lost access to your old email. After all our main admins are old farts who know many of you anyway. That's just another reason to use your real name.

    Please read the following to make signing up quick and easy.

    Q. Can I pick any username?
    A. No. You must use your real name.
    You can use various combinations of first and/or last name and initials if you like. eg John Ted Smith could use combinations such as John Smith, John S, J Smith. JT Smith, or J Ted Smith etc

    Q. Why are we using real names?
    A. Shortly after GSI originally launched, the community decided using real names would reduce anonymity and help keep people more respectful and accountable. Some original users had their usernames grandfathered however most chose to adopt the use of real names or had an admin edit their old username to their real name.

    Q. What if I choose to register with a fake name like "Iceclimber John"?
    A. An admin may choose to edit your username to reflect your real name and send you an email. You might prefer to choose your own acceptable username.