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How to Post Photos In the Photo Gallery

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  • How to Post Photos In the Photo Gallery

    To post photos anywhere in this site you use the "Image Manager." Unfortunately, the code for posting photos on UBB.threads sites such as this one was written by some complete nerd who thinks in right angles and wears a pocket protector. So you have to get your nerd on slightly to post photos.

    How to Post Photos in the Photo Gallery:

    1. Go to the photo gallery forum.

    2. Click "add image" in the upper left corner of the screen.

    3. Then click on the "Image manager" link when that window opens. You'll get another small window.

    4. Click "Choose file." Add any caption info. YOU"RE NOT DONE YET!

    5. Click "Add File." This uploads it. You're still NOT DONE.

    6. Click "Done Adding fles." Now you're done with the image manager part of the process.

    7. Now you're back in the "normal" screen, and you'll see that there is a line to the right of the image manager that should say something like, "Total files 1" If there isn't you didn't Choose File, Add file, Done adding files" correctly, try again.

    8. Click "Submit." You did it!



    Basically the same as putting photos in for any "normal" post. Let me know how you get on and if it still has issues, thanks.