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  • last week in March

    I have a week off work at the end of March (dates 24-31). If weather and conditions line up I will head to the Bow Valley and other nearby areas. I don't yet have any for sure partners. Main objective would be alpine mixed climbing but obviously I'd be stoked on water ice and mixed cragging too (esp with a new partner). I just spent 10 days in Bozeman and Cody climbing some of the classic W4's. I mixed climb in my local area quite a bit too. Just did a previously unrecorded mixed line on gear up a 2 pitch summer 5.7 at my local crag (seemed ~M5). Spent quite a bit of time in the mountains and good with the basics. Did RNWF on Half Dome in a day this summer. Climbed Bravo route on Waddington two summers ago. Happy to provide more info...

    Let me know if you are interested in partnering up!