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Keen for more Ice This season!!

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  • Keen for more Ice This season!!

    Hello One and All,

    Canmore local (1 year+) looking for new/more partners. Also happy to be a belay slave to the Stars if they need one ha ha, but no, seriously. If you want to scout a route for an up coming client/project, I'm happy to get out for fresh air, and will keep my mouth shut for FA ambitions etc. I was introduced to ice climbing over 10 years ago and I am more comfortable on ice than sport rock.

    I would humbly like to think my climbing resume is respectable. Currently in off the couch condition due to lower back injury that is now on the mend. I'm not picky about where/what Ice climbing is done, but I am picky about accurate risk assessments, knowing your systems and solid rope management. Gragging or multi-pitch is welcome. I have zero desire to climb in temps below -20/-25 anymore unless it is circumstantial and unavoidable.

    I have more gear that I deserve. Happy to responsibly introduce people to the activity. A newb would just need to rent boots.

    I have avi gear and AST 1. I am also keen to just go out and review or learn rescue systems.

    Working on getting my strength back (brain knows how, body not executing yet), so if a "Strong Man/Strong Woman" wants to crag or get "easy" mileage, I'm game and a solid belay. Epic lines will have to wait as I regain my ability/endurance.

    My work schedule is a little all over. Occasional weekends and week days here and there off, so it is more like getting after it with a week or two notice and conditions based day trips. As the season progresses I'd be able to book some time off in advance. Foolishly, the idea of climbing Helmet Falls has entered my brain....

    Feel free to message me.

    Hope to hear from you,


    Disclaimer: I am not a guide. Period. Having said that, I have previously owned a business where I was required to execute high angle rescue if needed and train my staff to a standard for that profession. I will not put myself or the lives of others at unnecessary risk. I am not shy about challenging others regarding safe on rope skills and risk assessment. Most accidents are avoidable. Intelligent conversations are required etc. before tying in. I just want to come home at the end of the day.


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    Are you trying to steal Andy Arts job? You know he's already got the job of belayer to the stars. I'm way, way,




    down the star list. And I only get weekends off. If you can work with that, give me a shout.


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      Hi Jarrid/Grant

      I'm going to be kicking around Canmore later this week/next week looking for climbing partners Have car, gear, have never been belayed by Andy. I think he may have spotted me once, many years ago. Does that count? Haven't climbed ice for a few months (last was august, down in New Zealand). Used to be an off-the couch 5/5+ leader. Likely no longer.

      If anybody's keen, give me a shout. graham dot b dot johnson@hotmail dot co m


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        I could never replace, and have the deepest respect for Andy Arts. Of course, I have yet to meet the legend, but who hasn't heard of him?

        Maybe he'd be willing to take me under his wing and show me the real ropes. After all, when it comes to rope work, I always aspire to be a sponge. One could only imagine the wisdom and experience he could pass down.

        In the meantime I'll do my best with what I've got and hope he reads this.

        Just emailed Graham. Expect a PM shortly Grant. Thanks for the reply.


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          Jarrid, hows it going? Saw your post here and I'm looking for a partner to do some climbing. I'm pretty new to the sport, 1 career pitch and I got hooked and want to do some more. I'm looking on planning a trip in the last week of December in between Christmas and New Years to do some climbing in the Canmore region. Would you be available to help me out? I have all my own equipment except for ropes and axes (cant seem to find one I like yet) let me know, or if you know someone else that might be up for it and want to pass along my info it would be appreciated.



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            Hello all

            I was just following this thread and thought I'd put myself in the mix. I am also looking for partners to get on the ice this year. I'm free most weekends and live fairly central in Calgary. I have my own wheels and gear. I have experience leading on rock but most of my ice experience has been solo. I am eager to join up with climbers of any experience level. I'll be happy to join someone with less experience on cascade or to get an opportunity to join forces with someone more advanced and learn the big ice. I have a positive attitude. Good fitness level and risk magement is top priority. I have my celll number below if anyone wants to hook up for a day of climbing just shoot me a message.



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                Putting the feelers out if anyone is able and keen to get out for a mellow day this Tuesday?