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No one posting here - damn Facebook

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  • No one posting here - damn Facebook

    Since Facebook pages are all the rage for posting, no one is interested in posting here.

    I have stopped using Facebook for personal reasons so where does a guy find ice conditions now?

    The millennials say Facebook is for old people so how come young bucks are not posting here?

    Disappointed ☹️

    The \"Old\" French Guy

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    First round of upgrades will bring new software that will make it more user friendly for phones, and allow easier posting of pics. That should be coming pretty soon.

    Second round will allow some integration with Facebook. From what I gather it wouldn't allow you to post to FB but it would show posts from FB groups. Probably of little interest to you Sylvain but for others there might be an option to sign into GS-I via FB log in, as well as the standard GS-I log in. Unfortunately we have used up the available funding on the stage 1 upgrade. Stage 2 will be once we have further funds.

    Right now we are dealing with servers, and passwords, and ..... well truthfully >I'm< not, but that's on the go currently.

    And for what it's worth, I still postwhore round these parts including rumours I read or hear of.