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Looking for Grivel Tech Machine reviews

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  • Looking for Grivel Tech Machine reviews

    Curious if anyone uses these; carbon or chromoly and how they handle. I really like the grivel picks. Thanks

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    I bought a pair back in January after trying just about every ice tool I could rent or borrow. They swing like nomics, have a much more durable pick than BD. Petzl. Trango or Camp. Destruction tested the pick on a few icy rocks and happy to report they dont pancake like softer picks. The handle will fit a larger hand with gloves though it is not as snug as Nomic tools. Being forged steel they are harder to sharpen to new standard however I expect to get two seasons from them rather than one from my BD ice and ice+ picks on my older tools. The black stripe does chip quickly though the yellow seems to be holding up. Well thought of in UK see links below.

    If you are in Calgary and would like to test drive them some evening or on the weekend PM me.


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      very cool, thank you for the offer. i will check out the reviews first. i will have to research more on the grip size. using cobras now and they are a good fit for my hands.


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        I bought a pair (cromoly) in ~2013 or whenever they came out. Really loved them. Their (ice) picks are the best ones out there, rock doesn?t too much to them and they are tapered so they penetrate hard ice really well. The swing is pretty similar to the Nomics. The handle is not as ergonomic as the Nomics, but wasn?t a deal breaker at all. The reason I switched was how the handle was made. It is a kind of a sandwich with a metal core and some plastic and rubber layers riveted onto. It was a kind of flimsy to begin with and after I used them for a season and half they started to fall apart. When using your tool on snow slopes, punching the handle through the surface, snow will eventually get in between the different layers and pry them off. If Grivel would come up with a better handle, they would be my tool of choice.

        I just switched from Nomics (they replaced the Tech Machines, but developed the head wobble everybody is talking about) to Raptors (Trango). I only climbed a few pitches on them, but really like the Raptors so far. If for some reason they disappoint me so much that I want to switch again, I likely go back to the Tech Machines, but will also get a block of plastic and carve my own handles which I will screw and glue to the metal shaft.

        I hope that helps.


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          I appreciate your input Tobias. I was more concerned about size of the grip and didn't think of the durability. Too bad the handle isn't like the Grivel Machine North's. That's a nice looking tool.

          Had a chance to try some nomics which feel very positive when place but still really like the swing of my cobras. May have to take up Gerry on his offer to try his Tech Machines. Ultimately it's not the tool that will make me better, just need to exercise and climb more.


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            Thank you for mentioning the grip breaking Tobias. Took a look at mine. Its hard plactic halves with a rubber gasket held in place by six rivets. If you use the handle for plunging is seems to develop gouges. I'm thinking if it cracks and water gets in the ice formed may accelatate the separation. I'll use the tools exclusively for ice climbing and minimize use as an axe. They have helped me improve my leading because of superior holding power. I also agree more reps and improved technique will instill confidence too.