I have a pair of lightly used Black Diamond Fuel ice tools that I would like to trade for an equivalent pair of Black Diamond Fusion ice tools. I would be open to paying a little more for the Fusions if yours are in better condition.

I love the Fuels. They climb ice really well. I actually have another pair that I use for ice. But I would like some tools that are better for mixed.

My Fuels have seen about 4 to 8 days of ice climbing, and 2 to 4 days of light mixed climbing in Chamonix. They have cosmetic scrapes, but no damage. The picks are in nearly perfect condition. The grips are also nearly perfect, with one small tear in the rubber that is hard to see. I have the smooth grip rests, as well as the spike with a clip point.

Here is a Dropbox link with some pictures of my Fuels.


If you are interested in the trade, and Dropbox does not work for you, let me know, and I can send you the pictures directly.

I imagine we can just ship each other the tools. We will both pay some shipping. I live in Switzerland. The tools would arrive to you in a yellow and white Swiss "Post Pac." I have bought and sold climbing gear many times online, and I have never had anything get lost, but sometimes it takes time for sharp pointy metal things to make their way through customs. If you are worried, wait until you receive my Fuels, and then ship your Fusions.

Please write to me at brunoschull@gmail.com. I do not check this forum very often.