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    I had an interesting (disappointing) experience with G3 last spring. First day of a couple of weeks off work and broke a tele cable. Could not find a replacement in western Canada. Mec had an order coming for "August". Others said that they could order a couple and should take a week or so. I was burning time and getting desperate. Called G3 in vancouver and explained my predicament. The response was a dismissive "what do you want me to do about it ?" Um, how about I buy a cable today and get it overnighted, bused, anything, I'll pay extra. G3s position was "we only deal with the dealer" and it also felt to me like; you are just some dude out there, I don't know you and your bothering me. The tone never changed and the call ended with an upset, angry customer who was on on a ski vacation and had no skis.(ok I had skis and bindings and all the parts and some bindings held together with mechanics wire) In the end I found a cable, on my own, about a week later. Thereafter, sent an email to G3 expressing my disappointment with the support, to which they did not respond.

    Companies will spend a lot of cash on glitzy ad campaigns. It makes good business sense. I find, however, that the true measure of a companies moral and ethical fibre is defined by how they treat the individual and I have had some incredibly good experiences with some very large companies.(Patagonia and Elite come to mind) I bought G3s hype and products and felt good that I was supporting a Canadian company, but this thing goes both ways. I believe to be successful the company must also support the customer and value the customers feedback.

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    I always have parts on hand for G3 tele bindings cables, shims, screws, cartridges, climbing wires...etc.

    Mike J.

    c/o Butch Boutry Ski Shop

    Rossland BC

    250 362 9516

    ipulaski at yahoo dot ca


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      Thanks Mike. I was so pissed at G3 for the way I was treated that I swore I would never use or promote their product again.