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FRA - Douglas Fir Seeps. One Headlight. WI1.5

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  • FRA - Douglas Fir Seeps. One Headlight. WI1.5

    FRA. Douglas Fir Seep, One Headlight. 100 Meters Waterfall Ice 1.5 Bushwack Grade 2.

    Inside City limits of Calgary, Alberta.

    Not one to brag about my "epic" solo ascents usually but... it is not every day a guy gets to crampon up inside city limits.

    From the Edworthy Park South lot walk 700M East to the Douglas Fir Trail. Due to extreme hazard the trail is closed.


    Don't be led astray by ice visible at the first bridge. It's sucker ice and disappears as soon as the hill steepens up.

    Proceed to where the bridge is gone and a frozen creek crosses the trail. Put crampons and other necessary safety gear on. You may be tempted to only use hiking poles but to avoid nasty belly flops back down the gully you must be able to self arrest.


    You'll pass remains of an old car and other assorted junk. Do not approach unless your tetanus shots are up to date!

    Stay in the main gully except when there is too much bush. The ice will gain a very small amount of elevation. Explore various "slightly" steeper lines that rise out of the gully. You may even have to front point some of this ice and you could be tempted to even swing a tool in.

    Eventually you'll run out of ice and have to bushwhack up to the back of the houses in Wildwood.


    Follow trail left until you see signs for Douglas Fir Trail Platform and descend the hill. You may need crampons again to cross the ice again.


    PS I think the ice could take at least 16s, if you were tempted to show someone how to make a V thread that is.
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    Nice work Ian! I wonder how many times it's been climbed. I was on it over a decade ago.


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      Reminds me of a post I made about the trail (approach ice) to The Professor Falls one spring.


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        So glad I didn't claim the FA. Would have been sooo embarrassing. lol

        Hope you were all entertained. It was an amusing way to spend a couple hours.

        I wonder how ding bat cold it has to be for the creek to the west of the parking lot to freeze up?
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          I tackled this monster on an extended lunch hour last week before the snows came. It was perfect as I was just recovering from the flu and needed an ice fix. Walked up and down the long snaking ice. The vehicle looks 1940 era. See my daylight photo which looks way less menacing in broad daylight.