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    "Texas Hot Stick" 50 m, M6, all natural pro. FA : Jan. 2009 EJ Plimley and Rob Owens.

    This climb is on the right side of the canyon just above the WI 2 approach ice when on your way to White Man Falls. It goes to the same tree as 'Racially Motivated'(see for info on that route). This route is about 15 meters to the right of the 'Racially Motivated'

    Climb 10 meters of WI 2 to a well protected, gradually steepening chimney capped by a roof. Break out the left side of the roof to easier, but runout, grass and dirt. Belay from the tree.

    The climb takes a full set of cams, nuts and even some pins. Take a several shoulder length slings to help with the rope drag. There is some loose rock in the chimney that can be mostly avoided via solid cracks on the right.

    Two ropes needed to rappel form the tree.

    Another route to do if all the other routes are busy.

    It is a bit harder and more serious than Red Man's.