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Copper Mt 500m II, WI 3

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  • Copper Mt 500m II, WI 3

    Copper Mountain: 500m II, WI3

    On November 15th, Krissy Boucher and I climbed a route on Copper Mountain that was not in Joe Josephson?s Waterfall ice book. Our dreams of a First Ascent were dashed when we spotted a blue sling wrapped around the base of a tree at the top. Being ever worried about government conspiracies and cover ups, I though the public had the right to know about this climb. Here is my take on it. -Fraser Sprigings

    FA: Unknown

    Located on Copper Mountain just southeast of Castle Junction on the TransCanada Highway. Park on the south shoulder of the TransCanada Highway 4.4km East of Castle Junction, there is a gate in the Wildlife Fence numbered ?49?. Prior to parking, you should be able to see a snow bound gulley with steps of ice on the tree-covered Copper Mountain. With a compass bearing of 190 degrees, you should be able to bushwhack up to the climb in 60min.

    Pitch 1: 30m WI2-3. Trees or ice provide means of creating an anchor

    Walk about 400m up the gulley to reach Pitch 2.

    Pitch 2: 60m WI3. This pitch consists of 30m of WI3 immediately followed by 30m of WI2. Trees await you as an anchor.

    Descent: Rappel and walk the route back to the car.

    Pitch 1

    Pitch 2

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    I climbed this a couple of years back and the sling was already there. That year there was also an option to climb a right hand line (wi 3 r) above the first pitch.

    It was a fun day in the early season. There is avalanche exposure from a rock slab above the last pitch.
    Wade Graham[br]