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  • Mt. Jimmy Simpson

    Not sure if these are new routes, or not, but they are new to us. We did 3 new routes in the first cirque on Mt. Jimmy Simpson. The cirque is very obvious as you drive N. past Num-ti-jah Lodge,but well before Bow Summit. Park along the highway and walk easily up the obvious drainage into the cirque. After 1hr there is a nice wi3 on the left of the cirque called "Back in the Saddle". The back of the headwall, 30mins further, holds the best climbing with "Ride 'em Cowgirl" wi4 35m being a poor man's version of Transparent Fool. To the immediate left of it is a full valued scrappy climb called "Hook 'em horns" wi4 M4 45m. There are other climbs to be had up there especially for those looking for traditional mixed climbs.

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    Hey mike

    how are they this time of year. Climbed them yet? Sounds fun. Avi hazard? On the left side of the HWY? Sweet



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      They are really fat actually much bigger than Bow Falls right now. Avy hazard was reasonable right now as there is very little snow up there. Access up the drainage is really quite easy. We were up there this past Sat/Sun. I haven't figured out the pic thing, but pm me if you want and I can send you the link for the pics. Park even with the drainage and just head on up. The creek is easy to cross when necessary. Well worth the day for this time of year.


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        I just figured out how to post a link to some pictures. Hopefully, that'll work. Mike


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          Was back up to the Jimmy Simpson cirque today and there is some new snow to report. Probably about 70 cm of snow in lee loaded areas in the alpine, windslabs starting to grow and GROW. A few 1 to 1.5 coming from the steep terrain above the climbs from the last storm cycle, I would wait until this area sees some flushing out. The climbs look GREAT!