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  • Devonshire Wall

    Devonshire Wall, WI3-4

    FA- T.Clark and G.Cornell, Jan.2008

    This different practice wall is easily visible from Galatea parking lot and had no signs of previous ascents. The approach may seem, but would not be the same as for Kidd Falls since it sits on a further ridge than the one used to access Kidd.

    Park at Galatea and walk to Terrace Trail. Either hike up Galatea Trail to the top switchback before the bridges and scramble up into the woods until you come into the gully/falls(40min). Or, hike 300m down Terrace Trail and up a treed depression that becomes a gully which ends at the falls(stay on the right side) which is the faster way out.

    Many practice lines up to 30m. Bring slings for trees. Would be much better if bolt rappels were at the top of the wall to avoid stretching up to trees. There is good mixed/sliver potential especially a significant crack on the far left and the rock looks good to scratch up. No avi hazard. Forms best in Nov. and Dec., then thins out.

    Dedicated to a climbing partner who lost his life in 2006 on a peak further south who was big into teaching and testing gear.

    Think of you every time I drive into the mountains man!

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    Definitly avy-prone. When hiking in to Kidd Falls March 5th, avalanche debris on top and at bottom of Devonshire Wall, some chunks as big as a frige. And Devonshire wall half burried, with the other half melted. Sorry, no climbing to be had!

    Just though I'll bring it up...


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      I guess your right; we hiked in from the left of the bottom pic and it was just trees, so long as you don't cut directly across the slopes from the NE where'd you go for Kidd Falls. Trees above the ice too, but maybe to the far right end of the falls.