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  • Superbock 2019

    Sat 26-Jan-2019

    Parked at the chain up area and followed a set of knee deep postholes across the river. No open water. From the railway lines up to the climb there were 2 or 3 different tracks. We went up one and down the another but wouldn't say one was better than the other.

    First pitch was in good shape. Some minor wetness. Second pitch had some wetness but somewhat avoidable. Last pitch was wet on the left although some nice soft sticks. All the upper pitches presented variations of funky ice that at times gave good footholds or made kicking footholds a beast. Some screws were bomber while others hit air pockets or were questionable.

    Would totally recommend taking the waterproofs.

    I'd say the conditions currently present some challenges making it tricky but probably nicer than having bullet hard ice.