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field - guiness: 11/20/2017

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  • field - guiness: 11/20/2017

    climbed guiness yesterday. first pitch and bottom half of third pitch were wet and thin, adding excitement. by day's end, slush coated everything.

    i guess i haven't been that way in a while, so belated thanks to the dude who put in the rap anchor at the exit ledge top right. awesome!

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    Decent shape.

    A late night forced change of plan lead to some of our group missing out on climbing and the remainder looking for another plan. The avi bulletins MOD_LOW_LOW rating seemed inconsistent with a forecast 10-20cm of new snow so we chose to be conservative. We chose Field over some more threatened possibilities and Guinness as our objective. It was light snow much of the day although very little accumulation on the car by the time we were done. We heard from another party on route that over at Emerald Lake had received noticeably more snow that morning than Mt Dennis so perhaps that 10-20cm is localized around the area. Regardless there was a small amount of sluffing from steep terrain. Unknown as to accumulations high on Mt Dennis and what that might do for transport and later increases to the avi hazard above local climbs.

    Approach hasn't gotten less steep :crazy: but has decent snow cover for walking on without crampons.

    First pitch is probably thinner than it sometimes is for this point in the season. Lots of hooking. Bring stubbies.

    Second pitch is fat with a steep line on the left or probably easier line to the right.

    Third pitch in decent shape but quite a bit of onion skin and fracturing near the top.

    We rapped off the bolted station on the right. Note there is a hanger and chain visible but also a ring hanger you may need to dig for below the chain.


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      Rumours on Facebook true. First pitch is filled in this season. No need for stubbies. 70 metre ropes are useful on this route for raps.