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Revelstoke ice conditions

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  • Revelstoke ice conditions

    Just drove into Revelstoke from the West and noted the following:

    Gap Falls - In

    Don't Fear the Pillar - Not in

    Blackfoot - In but looks thin

    Pillar of Doom - Not in

    Could be some good climbing soon with the forecast continuation of below zero temps.[br]

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    I went for a drive to check out conditions west of Revelstoke this afternoon. Most climbs are formed but haven't fattened up as much as I would've expected the past 10 days. It snowed around 15cm in town last night so I'd wait a little before exposing yourself to the big gullies, but it's supposed to be cold and sunny next week again.

    Gap Falls

    Turkey Chute

    Ice to the right of the Tourist Wall

    Pillar of Doom


    Don't Fear The Pillar was also formed.[br]


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      Today we climbed Blue Steel Ranger in the Greely area. It had some thin sections and the pillar was wet, but overall it climbed well. It is roughly 150m long (not 85m as it says in the pdf guide), and was stiff for the grade today. Crossroads looked in from afar, but not sure about Brave Ulysses. The photo below is Euro Fags and Blue Steel Ranger.[br]


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        any pics of Diablo or Lobo?

        FYI I've heard it called Blue Steel Rager


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          Oh right, I guess I misread it, whoops. I'm not sure where Diablo or Lobo are.


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            crossroads (& brave ulysses) with diablo up high to right

            lobo from the highway

            lobo is just left of diablo

            cedar wall (approach to lobo & diablo)

            diablo (camera is tilted)

            all photos from 2002


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              Looks great. I'm not sure how they look at the moment, but everything seems to be fairly thin still.


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                The last week stuff has come in quite nicely. Turkey chute is in good shape, as is Crossroads, and Brave Ulysses if thats what they are called..... (the obvious greely gash and steep pillar feature to its right).


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