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It is with regret that Gravsports Ice will be closing soon. Despite all of us here and many in the community being of the opinion that GSI is a better archiving system for information on ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies, this website will be shutting down.

Keeping the lights on and keeping conditions current no longer seems practical. We have tried making the forums more user friendly, and kept access to a vast array of beta and history contained on the website open to all. However low participation and increasing costs from both the website and hacker intrusions have lead us to this decision. Many thanks to Ian for past hosting costs. While the website will remain live for a short while you can expect it to disappear soon. We have talked of options to preserve the beta it contains however we offer no guarantees at this time.

We thank all our supporters, and everyone in the community for your past participation in GSI.
Will, Ian, and Grant.
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  • Blue Cheese

    It's big, it's blue, it's absolutely not worth it. Well maybe now some sort of trail exists but without one it wasn't. I'm seriously debating where my trend of heinous approaches is coming from - I hate long approaches. I had one saturday but that was expected to take a couple of hours. Sunday, feeling achy and tired from a lack of sleep (lack of sleep attributable to the bar the night before) it seemed a mellow little climb with a 30 minute approach was just the ticket (note to self - don't confuse 45ft with 45m). We took snowshoes in case and went in search of this climb discovered in the 08/09 season. Spying the drainage, then finding the gate, we soon found the snowshoes were welcome. Down the road, found the building, even managed to find a way over the unfrozen creek. Along the way we found the snow wasn't too supportive. For a good part of the approach we were postholing in snowshoes. Snow was only knee to thigh deep but even snowshoes didn't stop the postholes. We wandered up and down the two XC ski trails to find easier looking ways through the trees and instead found stairmaster postholes. You know where you sink, have to step up back onto the snow surface but then you slowly sink so the next step is uphill too... all the way up the level ground :crazy:

    If you go and use snowshoes for following our tracks, you'll have an easier time but be warned that our approach (with holes) took 2 hours.

    Anyway the climb itself is in fat but was rather brittle. You could take one half rope and double it and it would be sufficient.

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    oooh gosh Grant sorry to hear that, never took me two hours getting there, maybe 40 minutes, but that is what thigh deep snow gets ya. I thought about walking down the XC ski trail too, but I just bee-lined it for the uplifting of topography which would eventually come, then when it did, either go left or right till i found it. The others that have climbed it have not complained of the 'slog'.

    i still think anything is better than waiting in line at Grotto or KCreek but that is a minority opinion, each to their own.


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      I found crossing the dam and walking down the old road to the bottom of the drainage the fastest option. In last year's snow it was just over 30 minutes from the climb back to the car.
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