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It is with regret that Gravsports Ice will be closing soon. Despite all of us here and many in the community being of the opinion that GSI is a better archiving system for information on ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies, this website will be shutting down.

Keeping the lights on and keeping conditions current no longer seems practical. We have tried making the forums more user friendly, and kept access to a vast array of beta and history contained on the website open to all. However low participation and increasing costs from both the website and hacker intrusions have lead us to this decision. Many thanks to Ian for past hosting costs. While the website will remain live for a short while you can expect it to disappear soon. We have talked of options to preserve the beta it contains however we offer no guarantees at this time.

We thank all our supporters, and everyone in the community for your past participation in GSI.
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Whiteman Falls

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  • Whiteman Falls

    I tried getting into WF today. It looks good from the road, but I fell into a pool in the approach canyon so didn't make it all the way up to check it out for sure. There is climbable ice all the way up the approach, but there is about 15cm of snow on the ground and a few of the side gulleys have slid into the approach canyon.

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    Climbed whiteman on the 8th. Lots of new snow along the road, about boot top and was still falling. There was one set of tracks trenching up from the bridge so trail breaking to the approach ice was quick. All of the approach ice is there and the pools in the upper gully seemed to be well filled in. Some wumphing and cracking.

    The route seems to be in easier condition than last season, unfortunately now pics, but it was possible to take a relatively direct line up and wi5 or so. Not very mushroomed so far. The ice was quite brittle was some disconcerting crack propagations.


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      Thanks! Was wondering about this one...
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        Went in there on january 9th with graham johnson and found same conditions. Redmans seems to have less ice than other times we've climbed it.

        We heard several loud cracking sounds while on whitemans. The whole thing shifted when starting up the 2nd pitch. Does anyone know if the route has a tendency to collapse mid-season?




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          Hi everydody

          We are a 3 french guys who climbed whiteman falls yesterday. We forgot a red down jacket there, probably at the base of the route.

          If somebody go and climb this route before saturday, he will probably find it.

          It could be awesome to bring it back to us.

          Here is a phone number you can call us: 0033676859913

          We are leaving saturday

          Climb well



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            In early today, no red jacket anywhere.

            Climb is in good shape, a little wet in spots, we figure it went at 5-. First pitch has an overhanging bit, rest of it is pretty laid back.

            Will post some photos and more info later.
            The Alpine Start


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              Climbed there yesterday, 1/Feb. Broke trail on the ski in and through knee to waist deep snow to the base. Both my partner and I fell through to the creek a couple times and got our feet wet cause we couldn't see where the holes were.

              The climb was very brittle due to the cold temps - lots of cleaning of big ice. Top pitch has definitely formed up easier than usual, with a big, long groove where there is usually a pillar. Avy slopes that feed the gully on the approach are fully loaded. We got in/out early and wore beacons and shovels and crossed some of the exposed sections one at a time...

              Have fun!


              P.S. Sorry, no photos. Camera battery died in the cold temps...
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                Forgot to mention in my previous post that I left a note on my vehicle with both the name of the climb and the time we left (8 am in this case). Providing the time worked out well since there was in fact a party climbing it afterwards and they timed their arrival perfectly for when we were finished rapping off. 70m ropes make the bottom easily from the rock anchor at the top BTW
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                  Climbed Whiteman Falls and Red Man Soars yesterday.

                  Whiteman's has mushrooms lower on the first pitch and a really nice looking line on the right side that involves getting up and over an overhanging section. Got spooked on the way up by a cracking sound in the ice and decided to avoid the hanging daggers on that side of the route. The top half of the route is hooked out in the middle. There is crystal clear ice higher up where you can see the water run underneath.

                  Not too sure how much ice Red Man Soars usually has. But the last few meters of the route has enough to get by and keep things interesting. The bolt stations aren't close to being covered by the ice anytime soon.


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                    Climbed Whiteman Falls with Maury and Josh Sunday, March 6th.

                    The ski trail on the road is well packed, so is the approach on foot to the climb.

                    Snowpack seems to have consolidated in the canyon.

                    The waterfall is sporty. It offers good feet, hooks, and protection. Awesome climbing!



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                      Any thoughts on walking the approach with current conditions? Possible (or sane)?


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                        Hi Bryce

                        Renting nordic touring skis at Gear Up would be a better option as walking is hard on the ski track, but more so on you.




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                          This weekend, people walked, snowshoed, and skied in, but as Barry is suggesting, skis are best. I skied the road with a pair of large waxless cross-country skis. I thought they were a good choice of skis for the trail on the road right now,



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                            broke trail in today, climb in good condition, approach ice still good, lots of snow, found some gear on the climb as well