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King Creek 2019/2020

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  • King Creek 2019/2020


    Looks like King Creek took a hit between the 14th and the 19th. Running water was visible on the Main Flow and the others were pretty much unclimbable.

    *Curse of the Bambino - actually had more ice on it than most years. Could be an icy year for it.
    *Magic Touch - had less ice on it than in the above pic.
    *Main Flow - Besides open water sections, some of the ice was rather hollow or detached, and the rest there was probably too thin for even stubbies.
    *M5 right edge of the main flow - was about the only thing climbable and protected with stubbies and pins. Even that had some detaching ice.
    *Cave Flows - had a couple of icicles in the caves but no ice at all on the climbs.
    *Gully Flow - had a smattering of ice but not enough to climb and totally unprotectable.

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    King Creek from Oct 14, 2019. Forming, but still thin.