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Kananaskis - Sinatra Falls: 12/10/2018

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  • Kananaskis - Sinatra Falls: 12/10/2018

    Climbed Sinatra falls on Sunday, December 9th. The climb was in great shape. Super fat ice. At the top of the first pitch my partner ground out his 19 cm screw twice trying to get the second screw for the anchor. Eventually gave up and settled with 1 19 and 1 16.

    Ice quality was generally really good, with some dinner plating in the middle section. It was our third pitch, just before the climb cuts hard right and flattens out, which also has 2 v-threads in the middle of it. If you can keep going right to the top there, it puts you at a much better stance for belaying. Also wasn't sure, but it looked like one of the v threads was mostly through the 3inch dinner plate material on the top and not in the good ice underneath.

    We followed someone else's tracks on the walk off and I have to say it was horrible. I don't know if there is a better line or not, but we did some very steep thick bushwhacking up quite a ways, then did some steep and periodically icy bushwhacking sideways and then, you guessed it, steep bushwhacking down to the lower ride. Once on the lower ridge the going was quite easy and it was fast to follow the ridge down and connect to Terrace trail. I collected a lot of rosebushes along the way.

    There were some very large grizzly tracks that crossed the other climber's tracks, so there was a bear out wandering around. Luckily we didn't see it.

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    Sinatra is still in great condition! The winds is moving all the snow somewhere else which makes for lots of easy ice to be climbed. The very last pitch at the top of the right side of the ''Y'' is melting in places. The bottom of that pitch is now a low angle unprotected mixte bit leading to an unattached 1 inch thick egg shell of ice. (lots of vibrations and cracks makes me believe it wont last for long) The final short pillar is slightly hooked out and thick enough to take screws. I had the place to myself!