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    Earlier this month Amadeus had formed ice all the way to the ground. During the warm spell it all fell down. The upper pitch was reforming as of Sunday 28th but didn't look climbable at the time.

    Ranger Creek is being climbed. R&D in wet, soft, and good condition. Chalice has been climbed. CAUTION. Low snow levels reported but multiple years have had avalanches in Ranger when low snow. More incoming snow before the weekend will see that hazard rise without any doubts. Play smart.

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    Sat 3-Nov-2018

    Took a drive but ended up not climbing. Little of the forecast snow seemed to have fallen in the Bow Valley and northern areas of Kananaskis but quite a bit of snow in Highwood pass.

    *Amadeus is fattening up nicely and should be climbable using the mixed first pitch.

    *Wedge Smear, Kidd Bowl, Kidd Falls, Winter Solstice, Whiteman Falls, had little or no ice.

    *Ranger Creek is in and being visited. Watch for snowfall and changing avi hazard, a very unpredictable area from personal experience.

    *Highwood Pass routes generally look to be shaping up nicely but avi hazard probably makes some of them not advisable.

    *Rat A Tat Tat and Shempi if we were looking at the correct climbs were reportedly climbed early in the week. Saturday it looked like one of them could be buried with snow. There looked to be a lot of terrain above what we were looking at and although maybe not a deep accumulation, a lot of entrainment. Ice looked good on what we did see but that avi hazard was high consequence.

    *Conclusion looked to be in but hard to be sure from the road.

    *Buffalo Head/Tatonka. In true Rockies tradition we were uncertain if we were looking at the correct things. There were also additional ice smears around adding to the uncertainty. Generally speaking the ice looked pretty fat. The unknown climb shown in the pic of Tatonka in JoJo's book looked pretty fat.

    The vague descriptions and uncertainties surrounding Highwood routes could stand some clarification. If someone knowing better than us could confirm or correct the following photos, maybe we can get the pics added to the Ice/Mixed app to help folks identify what they're looking for.

    I think the next two pics are Conclusion

    I think the next pics are of Buffalo Head, and Tatonka/Unknown. Please confirm if you know. They are taken from two different spots on the road to give additional perspective.

    In the post preview a couple pics display inverted. I really don't know why and hope the new software for GS-I will not be so annoying. Tried rotating but......



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      Sunday 28-Apr-2019

      Blue Cheese
      With the return of winter I decided to check out Blue Cheese. My one day of ice in April this "spring".
      Left side was slightly less than vertical per usual, took a little work to get good sticks because of fracturing. Dinner plates in spring... come on!!
      Then I tried the right side. Much more friendly swings although it involved clearing snice to see the ice properly. Ice was a little more featured, probably had some water flow during warmer times but dry yesterday.

      Overall very nice condition and if the overnights drop below freezing this week as forecast, I'd have no doubt it will remain climbable next weekend, maybe longer.

      Approached via the dam and the High Rockies trail with no previous tracks visible. Took a saw and cleared out some of the deadfall making easier passage on the right side as the drainage gets constricted.