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  • Cryogenics

    Got scooped on Amadeus this am, so we carried on down highway 40. We noticed a thin looking smear on the east face of Mt. Kidd and decided to check it out.

    The approach was straight forward and seemed like it took about an hour from Kananaskis Village.

    The description in the book says 100m, although it seemed longer. We started by soloing a short step and then did a ~55m beautiful mixed pitch up a wandering water-worn grove/narrow canyon, with thin ice in the back and good cracks on the walls. Then another rambly 60m of snow and low-angle ice got us up to the final ice pitch. A long pitch of steep, thin ice with mostly good sticks and mostly poor screws finished the climb.

    For gear, we had 4 stubbies, ~8 yellows, ~2 blues and ~2 greens, a set of nuts, a couple cams and a couple peckers. A few KBs might have been nice, and a swapping a few yellows for a few more stubbies might also be helpful. 70s were also good to have.

    If the ice on the upper pitch was a bit thicker, this route would be a classic.

    Snow conditions seemed fine today, but it snowed on us a little later in the day. Much more of that and the hazard would become a bigger concern.

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    Oh yeah I did that route. The approach only took me 45 mins.


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      I pooped in your corn flakes.