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Does anyone know what this route is called?

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  • Does anyone know what this route is called?

    Just wondering if either of the two flows pictured had a name. They are located on Sparrowhawk, just west of Mount Allen. It's a fair ways back there, and I couldn't find anything in Waterfall Ice. Thanks gang!


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    those are three of the four summits of Mt Lougheed, mate. Doug Fulford may know about the line and accessing it from the Nakiska chairlift. I think that there was a post and thread on it here last year. BB


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      You're absolutely right. I think I was looking at the map at the wrong angle when I looked before. I had a friend who seemed to think that it was trick or treat, but this looks bigger.


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        Hey Barry, are either of these the thread you're referring to?

        Mt Lougheed - The Southern Wind

        FA of Crystalline Existence


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          Doug's route is on the NE Face of second peak. This looks more like East facing, between 3rd and 4th.

          Go do it and tell us about it...

          Doug's route looks great as well!
          The \"Old\" French Guy


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            Well, I'll give it a try this weekend if I can find a partner. I'll post up and we'll see how it goes.


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              Hey Cam,

              Fulford and myself climbed the spindly thing directly below the center peak in the photo. We called it Rage Against the Machine, wi 4ish if memory serves correct. I think Brian Merry climbed it a few years ago too. I remember a good route , but lots of walking. Don't do the ski lift thing.

              Have fun. Kinda looks like the route should go all the way to the col to me....or better yet the big ice out left.

              Matt mueller