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Fall 2013 rumours - ice

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  • Fall 2013 rumours - ice

    Call me crazy but I couldn't help looking up. Work took me out for a quick trip into Kananaskis today and as I passed Amadeus I couldn't help grinning when I saw ice up there.

    OK to be clear - Amadeus is NOT in. What it did have was a thin veneer of ice most of the way down the second pitch. The first warm night will likely be the death of it but nevertheless....

    ...let the hunt begin :grin:

    Anyone else have rumours?

    And anyone interested in more rock until we have a real, climbable, protectable, ice climb? (well climbable at least with the illusion of protection)

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    Approach to RC Hind hut, above glacier near col, froze up mixed route to summit of Strom on south face... no joke.. go get it.. only 5 hours from car


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      Isn't south face of Strom just a snow slope?

      My friend and I shockingly walked into a plethora of climbable ice last weekend in KCountry, unclimbed, most of it 200-400m long.


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        Pics or it never happened. :grin:

        ...or did the river freeze......?


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          No words needed


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            I will post pics if and when we go climb there, so it has not happened, but its there, and lots of it!



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              What's this?


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                I know where there is ALOT of ice too, but I only divulge my secrets when seduced with fireball.


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                  Shaun - Fireball I could buy. Not sure how reliable drunken beta is though :whistle:

                  Ian - wurd.... but is that pic taken this fall? Looks like down Black Prince area. (where's the :drool: smiley)

                  Greg - So were you out wandering, looking for ice, or doing a mega long hike? Is it the stuff Ian posted? I hate long approaches though.... I do long approaches but hate them :sick:

                  Brandon - was that post getting late enough to be a whiskey post? 5 hours... ouch!! I'm a lazy bastard.

                  Love the rumours, I'm not there yet but going to have to start assembling the ice stuff from the piles of gear soon. Meanwhile keep the rumours coming and let's take back the forums with ice conditions again :grin:


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                    Picture was taken last Saturday while hiking with my 3 and 4 yr old..... high and N facing, but close to the road.

                    En route to Pocaterra cirque from Highwood pass. I'm sure I've seen these routes described somewhere, but not sure where.


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                      I did not go wandering looking for ice, it found us. Not sure what a long approach is to you? Driving to Jasper is a long approach; 2km is a long approach if you have sore body parts.

                      But no it is not at all what Ian posted, one may(?) be something my friend Tony D posted many years ago here but I could be wrong.

                      We will see if the rumors materialize at all...


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                        It just dawned on me - if those pics Ian posted are on the other side, west side, of the ridge directly above the Highwood Pass parking lot, then those are I believe Reisenhofer's lines. If we are looking at the same thing.


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                          No these routes are not visible from the Highwood pass parking lot, though they may be visible from further N on the highway. This ice is facing more or less N, to the south of the trail into Pocaterra cirque, on the approach to Tyrwitt.


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                            Heard from a friend a couple days ago who was up in Ranger Creek that the climbs had some ice but needed more time. In fact it looked like the lower part of R&D had fallen off.

                            There was ice on the Trophy Wall and Sacre Bleu last weekend but not in.

                            Wednesday I looked at Amadeus again to see much ice had fallen leaving only thin ice at the top. Not in.

                            Looks like Highwood Pass is the most promising area for the early season keeners, or possibly a long walk to the Loughheed area as a guess.

                            Maybe a little more rock climbing this weekend.


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                              Taken from the col between Piggy Plus and Mt Burstall last sunday oct 6.