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Kidd Bowl falls - Nov 14

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  • Kidd Bowl falls - Nov 14

    Climbed Kidd Bowl falls today - November 14th. Sometimes it's fun to climb the easy stuff too

    Main area of concern with this place is the obvious terrain trap. Small pocket of wind slab (10-15cm - see picture) all around the climb, but stayed cool enough, with the sun hidden behind clouds to keep everything steady. Saw many, many spindrifts and small class 1 avy's coming off of the north-east face specifically in 2 locations (see picture), but fortunately nothing big enough to pose any danger at all.

    Overall, the climbing was easy, and fun. Made use of the full 200m length as well, with the final 20m being the best part. Most of the climb was done at WI2, the last part done at WI3 (reminded me of a short Grotto Falls).

    We walked off the top half, and set up 3 rappels off the rest. One 30m, and 2 60m. We have Abalakov's built for the first 2 raps, and we ended up slinging (red webbing) a giant boulder on the top of the first real pitch at 60m for the final rappel. Should give a good anchor point moving forward should anyone want to use it.

    Red circles indicate area's of constant spindrift and/or class 1 slides that were coming down. Otherwise, this is what the area and climb looked like from afar.

    Small fractures and slab. Nothing significant at all but does give an idea of the snowpack down in that area.