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Whiteman, Redman?

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  • Whiteman, Redman?

    Anybody know of conditions?


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    We hiked in to check it out on 10-Nov-2012. Approach ice and creek were not frozen, with open water between the ice steps. We did not see an alternative way up, aside from bringing the hip waders. Getting around the creek was a bit of an adventure!


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      Up Whiteman yesterday, no signs of recent traffic. Approach ice is still wide open and requires an easy but committing traverse above the pool. Approach all in all took forever but climb in great shape.


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        Anyone been up to the Whiteman area recently?


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          Kurt and I climbed Whiteman Falls and Red Man Soars today. A pair of Maine-iacs were also there. We came expecting a hard lead but found Whiteman to be in quite easy condition...probably WI4+. I'd call it a "Gimme." Totally fun and beautiful climbing.

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            Decided to go up Opal Creek today with Antonio as a plan B for our other objective. We made it to the base of Whiteman's and Red Man and back to the truck without getting wet. It was a little spicy compared to the usual easy approach, but lots of fun.

            The climbs need more cold weather and time, but hopefully the road will still be open!

            Of note, there was significant avy debris (more than sluffing) directly below the climbs that also contained large chunks of collapsed ice. Something to keep in mind...


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              Hi Maury,

              It looks almost ready. It also looks like you could almost sneak by on the left? What do you think?
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                If you have a wet suit and goggles you might be able to climb it!

                I'd wait at least a week if not two to increase the fun and dry factors...