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    Sat 1-Dec-2018

    Seven parties on route today. Very little snow in the canyon today so you get to climb all the ice with no snow start cheating.

    Ice was dry in some sections but other steps were wet. On the descent those wet sections were spreading and some steps had running water. Take good gloves or extras, waterproof pants are nice, and abandon all hope of keeping your rope dry.

    Ice wasn't all hard and brittle like it sometimes is, in fact some steps were lovely swings.

    I rebuilt a couple of the cairns to mark the bolted anchors for when snow covers the bolts.

    We didn't venture into the bowl above, nobody did. The initial W4 looked thin and less than appealing, but other ice above certainly looked to be coming along nicely.

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    Climbed it today. All dry except for the last section, which was wet and running on climbers right. It was a little windy and we were on the edge of the snow band for the day. We rappelled the route so no info on the walk off. Otherwise, it was normal day on THOS, fun climbing with a good friend.


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      Sat 30-Mar-2019

      Consolation climb after bailing from Beowulf.
      Climbed it in about an hour soloing. No recent tracks but lots of post holing in heavy snow.
      Climb was generally dry and reasonable good shape. Coming down some of the postholes had accumulated soggy bottoms but with all the snow on top it was mostly dry for feet and ropes. Some of the steps had a little new shell ice or minor trickling water to be heard.

      Tomorrow is the last day to drive to the drainage legally but the climb will likely hang in another week or more.



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        2020 update. THOS is full of snow. Bring snow shoes. Got tired of slogging through the snow and only seeing the very tops of the pitches so turned back about 3 pitches from the top.
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