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    We saw a ton of ice on Mt Hunter. Not having climbed there I had a hard time trying to orient what I saw to Jo-Jo's 4th edition, as all of the pics are heavily cropped, & distinguishing features around the climbs are missing.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Jo-Jo's book got the area a bit messed up in my opinion. I recall posts here in past years that discussed this area. I always thought that some of the routes were described twice with different names which really confused things and the development that has happened in the area since the book was written has removed some of the road landmarks while I also felt that the map itself had some errors to further add to the challenges.

    It was through climbing some of the routes that I got a feel for what was where and comparing that personal experience with what was described. I used to use the turning to Beaverfoot (?) lodge as a navigational marker and a good place to view the routes.

    I just use the site search for Mt Hunter and quickly found a thread from 2013 on just this issue that might be worth revisting.