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Bow valley, ghost and Evan Thomas lately

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  • Bow valley, ghost and Evan Thomas lately

    Me and Joel F. had an interesting day trying to just get on some ice today. Nothing really worked.

    1. Irish mist is alright but not ideal.

    2. Watering hole sucks. (Meaning not "easily" climbable)

    3. Heart creek is simply a depressing 10m wi2+ ...."PO 2?" that pretty much ends waaaay before the chains.

    ill post pictures later today.

    We met Amanda and Veronica who told us that grotto falls was totally melting away and unclimbable but his and hers are there. From her pictures, it looked like His might be nice! They also had a friend at Bearspirit who relayed that it was "miserable".

    As for Evan Thomas creek, apparently chantilly falls is not in, though moonlight and the others next to it are.

    I also heard some things in the Ghost (THOS) are wet and meh but a Brit I met today said he did the Joker, Hooker and Candlestick Maker yesterday which are "in".

    Joel climbed Professor Falls yesterday and he says this: "the climb is in... Some of the rambley sections in the middle are climbable but thin (stubbies)... All other pitches are in good condition...some slightly chandeliered but generally good ice. "

    Good luck finding something!