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Rockies and the trench - Lac Louise; Essendale; Gibralter: 01/05/2014

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  • Rockies and the trench - Lac Louise; Essendale; Gibralter: 01/05/2014

    Ok, I am a little late to post this, but sometimes life gets the best of you. Climbed these new years weekend:

    1) Lac Louise: is in good form. Good and wide on the first and second pitches. Could do a nice, 4ish variation on the 2nd pitch by going right. The pillar was a bit of a chimney move. I enjoyed this, as I could just lean back and be lazy. Getting climbed a lot, but has a regular drip that keeps things re-healing.

    2) Essendale: Decent places to cross the lake at the rest stop and also by the train track bridge that goes over a creek that connects to Kicking Horse River. 1st pitch was a bit of a snorkelfest. 2nd pitch good; had to wade through some snow. Good breaststroke practice. 3rd pitch was a bit Pensyltucky. Started up the pillar, but a swing a few meters up unleashed quite the scarey vibration. Readjusted the belay to a safer spot; climbed just left of the pillar on thinner, Pensyltucky (if you ever climbed in Pennsylvania, you know what this means!), but more stable ice to the trees. Upon looking down, noticed a mud pit above the pillar. Pillar itself was poorly attached. We were glad we did a course adjustment to safer terrain.

    3) Gibralter: is in great form. 1st pitch cruisy. Had to 'choose' a line on the 2nd pitch to avoid the drippies, but was otherwise good climbing. 3rd pitch (left) was a bit chandelier, but good screws and footing were to be found.

    Obviously, the report is a bit dated and things have no doubt have only improved over the past two weeks.
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