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  • Ghoster Coaster 19/20

    Saturday 9-Nov-2019

    Approach was almost totally snow free with icy pathways near the parking lot. Snow arrived Sunday and might give tyour toes less reason to bitch at your boots. Looks like some folks have been happily tromping up the gully below the hoodoo slopes. Better have your helmet on and hope you only get pummelled with small debris falling. Or stay off to the right on the talus rib out of the bomb alley.
    If anyone thinks to take a saw, there are some branches to cut that would make the upper part of the gully easier.

    You're going to want the 10s and 13s and some caution for pro. Not much use for 16s yet. The ice is in ok shape but still thin. In fact the first step is only the right half so far. The second step has a really nice pillar on the right but nothing on the left of the chockstone yet. The main step is about a third of its normal width and too thin for screws at times but is located on the lower angled right side. It had a bit of a hole at about 2/3rds height that was splashy. Not that you'll really get wet and it may help bulk the outside ice a little. After the main step the low angled ramble to the sticks and the last step was a thin shell. I know a party climbed it earlier in the week but maybe it thinned out or maybe they very delicately used the right edge. If it collapsed on you you probably wouldn't die but you probably would get wet and then it would have to completely reform again. Rather than be the arseholes who wrecked the ice we opted to let it form better.

    It takes a drytool move to step up and grab the chains above the main step to rig the rap.
    If you're 5'5" or taller you can reach the red webbing on bolts above the chockstone but if you're 5'3" or smaller you'll need a taller partner. The bolts themselves are far out of reach of most mortals.