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Bow Valley Rumours 2019/2020

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  • Bow Valley Rumours 2019/2020

    Observed from highway:
    * Protection Valley had some pretty big looking ice showing.
    * Lougheed had some ice up there but also some snow accumulated above.
    * Twisted Sister looked pretty promising but couldn't see down low for the start and there was snow accumulation to an unknown degree.
    * Waterhole & Irish Mist are forming but looked extremely thin still so probably not yet in.
    * Junkyards are not in yet. Observed near to the Toolshed.
    * Arterial Spurt looked as good as last year but more snow than last year when it was super popular. There also looked to be a few smears away to the sides in the bowl above.

    Second hand info:
    * Storm Creek area is coming along nicely.
    * Sinus Gully very wet
    * The Replicant has been climbed.

    *Irish Mist and Waterhole look to have deteriorated. Definitely not in.
    *Sacre Bleu was filling out high but unknown conditions for the approach.
    *The Professor Falls had a very narrow last pitch and a lower pitch looks to be unformed so needs more time yet.
    *Ten Years After was narrow, mostly formed but a discontinuous gap down low.
    *Sam Goes Trekking looked pretty good
    *Cascade Falls looked like it was starting to freeze but definitely not yet in.
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    Arterial spurt looked in from the highway this morning. Also an interesting looking smear to the left of it that might go.
    Irish Mist and the Watering Hole are coming along nicely.
    Cascade looked reasonable.
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      Coirie Dubh lower ice pitch from Nov. 11, 2019