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  • GSI software upgrade

    Although the holidays have played their part in slowing things down, progress is being made with the software. The new site is currently in beta mode and has a couple bugs to work through. Shortly we will be migrating content over and during that time, posting on Gravsports will be suspended. When posting is reopened, it will be on the new software. This new software will display far far better on smartphones, uploading pics should be easier, and there appears to be scope for allowing users to use Facebook to log in besides the more usual username/password.

    Speaking of passwords, it seems migrating of existing passwords will be far too complex. Therefore we will be trying to make sure the pass word reset function is working correctly or emailing temporary passwords might be an option. Probably a good idea to ensure your email is up to date.

    As things progress we'll give more details. It's estimated that the switch will happen in January with a little luck.

    Thanks for your patience.

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    The GSI upgrade has been live for a month or so. We're still tuning and adjusting so feel free to drop us a note or post a comment if you are having any issues. The site should work fine on most smart phones. Images uploaded should resize automagically. I have noted occasional issues with the login screen not working from the main page. If this happens to you just click into one of the forums and it should then load ok.
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